Generators only efficiently run when the load on the set is between 50-70%. Running a generator with a low load continually is classed as “wet running”, meaning un-burnt fuel deposits build up within the engine and exhaust systems. Engines gradually become less efficient and less reliable as these deposits build up, so it is essential to Load Bank generators on a regular basis to ensure they operate at their optimum.

Euro Generators have invested considerably in a range of computer controlled Load Bank testing equipment. Our Load Banks can test up to 450Kva, and are linkable to increase the size of the Load Bank. A range of tests are performed on the generator to ensure voltage and current outputs are stable across its operating load range. These results are graphed, logged and recorded for each generator that we have in hire stock.

Load Bank testing is also available to customers that already own their own generators. We have the ability to bring suitable Load Banks to site and perform testing on the customers own equipment.

Load Bank testing is not limited to generators, but also to permanent mains infrastructure. Previously, Euro Generators have been commissioned to load test the land mains supply for a number of data centres and office buildings prior to equipment installation has taken place such as IT and air conditioning.