Euro Generators reliable fuel management service removes the hassle associated with planning fuel deliveries, ensuring continuous equipment operation, minimal disruption and the highest productivity.  We have strong links with a number of the UK’s major fuel distributors, and can provide fuel deliveries to site at any time required. From urban central city sites to remote locations, we have a range of vehicles suitable to ensure we can deliver fuel to any location where the generator is running.

We have strong buying power and the ability to store large quantities of fuel at our depots, allowing us to offer competitive bulk pricing on fuel and large reserves should there be any national fuel shortages.

  • Hassle-free deliveries

    Pre-agreed delivery schedule is set in accordance with the needs of your site or event, whilst additional or emergency provisions can also be arranged on request.

  • Continuous Operation

    We continuously monitor your equipment’s load and operating pattern, arranging deliveries when required and reducing the risk of break-downs and downtime. A number of remote fuel management systems can be put in place, such as GSM fuel tank monitors, allowing us to be notified of low fuel levels for generators running in remote or non- manned locations.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    With a supply network across the country, we can deliver to any location within a few hours.  Using a fleet of specialist, purpose-built vehicles, we can ensure every site is easily accessible.

  • Quality Assurance

    Environmental protection is paramount – all our generators and fuel tanks are fully-bunded and incorporate a ‘save-all base’ to eliminate fuel leakage. Spill kits are also available upon request.