When designing a temporary electrical system, there are a number of key factors to consider to ensure the system is safe for use. Factors such as disconnection times, phase balance, supplementary earth bonding and compliance with local council legislation are key areas that must be considered with any temporary electrical system.

Euro Generators install all temporary electrical systems to conform with BS:7909 (2011). Our engineers are trained and certified to take the position of the “Senior Person Responsible” on site when there is a temporary electrical system in use. We offer our services anywhere ranging from informative consultation through to in-house supply and commission.

If your next temporary electrical system requires such certification, Euro Generators can assist in both the planning and installation stages of any temporary electrical system to ensure compliance. Our consultation may involve suggesting suitable distribution, ensuring disconnection times are met, advising on cable lengths, rating and suitability and on site tests such as earth fault loop and RCD testing.