Fundamental to our high level of service is our backup support. We have a number of systems in place to ensure any hire from Euro Generators can be supported to ensure continual operation.

  • Telephone Support

    We operate a 24/7 support service, ensuring that in the case of any fault, an immediate resolution can be put into action. By connecting directly to one of our engineers, technical support and advice can be given over the phone. This number is also available for emergency power enquiries, should you urgently require a temporary power solution out of hours. Our out of hours response time from initial enquiry to equipment leaving our depot for delivery can be as short as 1 hour.

  • Equipment Spares

    We hold a full range of spare parts and consumables for all our generators, so replacement parts are available off-the-shelf in the shortest possible time. We also ensure that we always have reserved stock of generators, distribution and cabling, ensuring that we never “run dry” of a particular piece of equipment. With equipment located at strategic locations across the UK, the ability to swap or delivery equipment quickly is never a problem.

  • GSM Monitoring

    There are times where our engineers are aware of a problem before it’s even been noticed on site. Using ComAp IntelliMon GSM Systems, the operational status of a generator can be viewed from our cloud monitoring platform. This is especially useful for generators running in remote or un-manned locations. Full control of a generator is possible for anywhere in the world when this service is added to a project, and represents our continual development to evolve with current technologies.