One of the market leading facilities that Euro Generators utilises is the use of sophisticated ComAp computer control systems across its range of generators. Site power requirements will dictate the size of the generator required to deliver the peak load demanded by the system. Historically, if 500Kva is required, a 500Kva generator will be provisioned. However, there may only be a small percentage of time when this power is required. For projects running over several days or weeks, this results in a large generator running on low load, which is both bad for the engine and inefficient – therefore potentially highly costly!

Euro Generators take an alternative look to this, where it proves more efficient to supply two or more smaller generators that automatically respond to the load demanded by the electrical system.

A project that we were asked to look at is a long running christmas project that requires 450Kva at full capacity, but drops to 30kva overnight and during the week when the venue is not trading. Historically the production company had a 500Kva generator running throughout an entire month, using over 40,000L of diesel during the project. By utilising 4 generators running in a specially configured “load control” configuration, we decreased the fuel consumption by 60% whilst still allowing the venue to operate at maximum power draw when required. All this, with no user intervention.

Euro Generators have been synchronising and load sharing power across generators for many years, and are market leaders in providing highly efficient generator system designs.