Euro Generators have provided temporary power for a wide variety of markets – From Christmas markets, makers markets, local farmers markets, food festivals and more. As with any project site distribution project, careful planning ensures electrical infrastructure can be installed ready for stall holders to simply turn up and connect.

The natural design of these markets mean there are potentially many walkways that cabling and services need to cross. Euro Generators have a range of systems to either fly cabling across walkways using truss bridges or cable crossover ramping should the cabling run across the floor. Euro Generators stocks a wide range of Linebacker, Defender and IDE cabling ramping, including a large amount of DDA approved wheelchair friendly cable ramping – a must to ensure public access regulations are met.

In additional to the physical supply of mains distribution, Euro Generators have a range of unbranded document templates that can be used by event organisers to send to stall holders in advanced to gather their power requirements. This allows us to accurately design and install a temporary power system suitable for the market, without the event organiser having to interpret their exhibitors power requirements for us.