Euro Generators have provided temporary power for wedding fairs, food festivals, corporate exhibitions and many more applications where there are a considerable number of outlets spread across a single or number of large areas. Key to this is careful planning and consideration of the power requirements for each stand, ensuring cabling and distribution is provisioned as required before shell-scheme or similar exhibition layouts are installed. For all exhibitions, power distribution should be invisible to the public, and most importantly be 100% reliable, so to not affect any exhibitor during the show.

Euro Generators have also provided distribution using existing in-house supplies rather than utilising generators. This type of service is by no means out of scope from what we offer on a daily basis. From exhibitors requiring a single 13A plug socket for a laptop and television, to catering equipment manufacturers requiring a large number of high current supplies for kitchen appliances, Euro Generators has the expertise to deliver an efficient and safe temporary electrical system.

In additional to the physical supply of mains distribution, Euro Generators have supported event organisers in advising on how power should be charged back to exhibitors depending on usage, ensuring that all costs are covered by the exhibitors. We have a range of unbranded document templates that can be used by event organisers to send to exhibitors in advanced to gather their power requirements. This allows us to accurately design and install a temporary power system suitable for the exhibition, without the event organiser having to interpret their exhibitors power requirements for us.