Euro Generators has many years experience in providing temporary power solutions for a wide range of commercial power requirements – From buildings with limited grid supplies to testing of equipment at a manufacturers premises requiring high currents.

Our fleet of event generators are road-tow and truck mounted, allowing us to deliver and position generators anywhere on site, including remote locations that are potentially inaccessible by hi-ab trucks delivering skid-mounted generator sets. All our generators are super-silenced (61dBA at 7m max) and weight less than 3500kg.  Our generators are fitted with a variety of socket outlets both single and three phase dependant on the size and model of generator.

Disaster recovery is a growing part of our business, where number of insurance companies have commissioned us to install grid-to-generator changeover systems, so that disaster recovery plans can be put in place as demanded by the business.  For any business, electricity is a mission critical requirement, especially where data centres or large IT infrastructure is essential to group activities.

Euro Generators have been involved in the commissioning of buildings electrical systems prior to grid mains being installed, so that HVAC can be tested and commissioned prior to completion of the building project.