Outside Broadcast Generator

Outside Broadcast Generator Hire

As with any live broadcast, silence and reliability are the two most important factors for any production company. Euro Generators have a growing fleet of Outside Broadcast generator units, designed and specified in-house. Designed specifically for the broadcast industry, our trucks are designed to arrive on site and be operational within minutes. Being ultra-silenced and running on full load at less that 55dB(A) at 7m, any concern over their position and operational sound have no need for further consideration.

Our trucks contain two engines, that can run individually for rig days and synchronised for the live broadcast. With large internal fuel tanks, they can run continually for multiple days.

Our trucks have also been designed to accommodate increased redundancy and capacity, allowing single or multiple road-tow generators and even other generator trucks to join and completely synchronise with each other. There is currently no other outside broadcast power company in the UK to be able to offer this level of redundancy or capacity increase in a synchronised environment.

Our road-tow sets are also suitable for broadcast applications, with synchronisation available on generator sets from 100Kva and above.

Our clients include major Outside Broadcasts companies such as Telegenic and BT, and channels such as Sky Sports and BBC.