Euro Generators maintain a large stock of portable, road tow, skid and truck mounted generators within our equipment rental catalogue.  All our generators are super silenced and feature a wide variety of electrical outlets. Our road-tow generators allow us to provision power in many areas where it is not possible to deliver generators via hi-ab trucks, making it perfect for private events in gardens or remote locations off-road.

All our generators are either super or ultra silenced depending on application. Key to our service is efficiency and reliability – Euro Generators operates a market leading maintenance schedule for all the generators in the fleet, ensuring optimum operating conditions for the engines. All our generator sets are suitable for 24/7 use, and contain fully bundled internal fuel tanks. For extended run periods, external fuel tanks can be connected.

Every hire or project is backed up by our 24/7 support service, providing any client with peace of mind that their power requirements will be looked after continually throughout any project.


Mains distribution is a key part of our equipment rental allowing us to safely and efficiently distribute power within an event site.


At Euro Generators our highly skilled team of electricians will asses your project and provide a cable package to suit your needs!


Our tower lights all come mounted with a super silenced 6KVA generator and are designed to light up any outdoor event.


What if your job is too large or runs for too long for a single tank of diesel to cover?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! We can provide additional fuel tanks with capacities of 1000 Liters or even 2000 Liters to make sure you never run dry…